FX Check-In

FX Check-In is the ideal guest check-in app that helps hotels offer faster check-in facilities to their guests. This smart app assists hotels walk their guests directly to their rooms by completely avoiding the time consuming front desk formalities.

This smart mobile check-in app works on both tablet and a smart phone. It is intuitive and easy to use. FX Check-In lets your hotel staff fill out your guests’ registration details even as they walk them to their rooms. Also, this guest check-in app helps you identify return guests by their pictures and enables you to provide them personalized services.


  • Hotel staff can quickly review expected arrival list for the day
  • Allocate rooms by filtering through floor, block, room-type and room feature
  • Create, modify or cancel reservation based on customer need
  • View comparative cost of modifying reservation – be it upgrade or downgrade of room or other facilities
  • Do a partial check-in
  • Capture and store guest picture and photo ID’s using registration tablet or smart phone
  • Guests likes / dislikes are automatically populated into FX Check-In app from the pre-registration doc
  • Get guests digital signature on the mobile device. This signature is embedded in the registration form for security purpose
  • Hotel can set terms and conditions in any desired language so that guests can read it in their local language before signing
  • Email bill to guest thus avoiding wastage of paper and printing costs
  • Save guest registration details as PDF in hotel database
  • Easy retrieval of registration information when hotel requires

FX Check-In integrates seamlessly with the Front Office module of our Hotel ERP – FortuneNEXT 6.5 Enterprise, Professional, Express, and  Genie.

Business Benefits

  • Responsive design and layout that fits into any device screen
  • Green application designed to help your hotel save paper and costs from printing of guest registration forms
  • Do away with storage issues related to guest registration forms
  • Secured app that allows hotels to retrieve guests details quickly
  • Hotel can personalize check-in for frequent and regular guests