Hotel Business Intelligence Solution

Hotel Business Intelligence SolutionStrategix, our business intelligence solution helps hotels gather, analyze and leverage a wide variety of data in order to gain a competitive edge to assess risks and make more informed decisions.

Strategix is seamlessly integrated with the Fortune Hotel ERP. Hotel management can now have real-time access to vital information including total room revenue, RevPAR, average daily rate, percentage of occupancy of rooms, average number of guest per room month. Data can be spooled from different years, months and is classified along different parameters like room type, guests’ nationality and market segment. Hotel managers /decision makers can also view data on actuals and projections to determine growth patterns. It also offers numerous advantages to hotel F&B operations. This enables hotels to determine food cost, liquor cost, total sales per head, RevPAR and more.

On the financials front, hotels can view a break-up of accounts receivables, accounts payable and cash position by country, region, city, type, property and financial year. Strategix can be accessed on a tablet anytime, anywhere and can be configured to a hotel’s specific needs.

Business Benefits

  • Allows users to aggregate information and helps develop strategies vital to their business.
  • Access and analyze data as per requirement, respond to market trends and locate new business opportunities
  • Know your guests better and detect changes in their behavior pattern, create loyalty schemes and attract more guest to increase revenue
  • UseStrategix to access decision-making information anytime, anywhere
  • Hotel can use ‘what if’ scenarios, collaborative decision-making and visualizations to enhance guest experience while growing revenue
  • It also lets hotels monitor progress on a desired set of goals
  • IDS Next’s Hotel ERP also offers customers a single database which makes running Strategix efficient and easy
Hotel Business Intelligence Solution