Importance of Channel Management Solution for Hotels

A hotel depends on hundreds of distribution channels to sell more rooms to increase occupancy. That’s why, a hotel should make sure that information like room availability, and rates are updated across all the connected distribution channels. A hotel can do this with an effective distribution strategy. However, this is not an easy task. Likewise, a hotel cannot even handle this process manually. As a result, a hotel should adopt a smart Hotel PMS that has a channel management solution integrated to it.

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Review Pulze 247 and Have Real-Time Hotel Data at Your Fingertips

Mobile apps are now revolutionizing every aspect of hotel business. Hoteliers today are relying heavily on many mobile apps to streamline operations, communicate with guests and even to serve guests effectively. With such higher degree of importance, ‘Being Mobile’ has become the new norm for today’s tech-savvy hoteliers.

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Smart Hospitality Technology for Tanzania Flourishing Hotel Industry

With several new age hospitality technology solutions in place, both hotels and their guests can witness many benefits. Hospitality Technology solutions in the form of integrated Hotel ERP / Hotel PMS, distribution platform and central reservation system etc have the ability to transform the hotel business in many ways and provide users the most required competitive edge. Read more

Software that can Simplify Hotel Operations

In conversation with Senior Vice President – Sales & Operations, for IDS Next in Africa.

Q1. When hoteliers look for software they are flooded with options. Can you give us some tips to choose the right hotel software?

The key features a hotelier needs to look for when choosing a hotel software is user-friendliness, technological robustness and safety – in that it should not be easily hacked and let guest data get stolen. Hoteliers should be able to quickly generate the reports they need. Post-sales support is another key criterion to consider, besides cost of maintaining the software.

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Kenyan Hoteliers can Fillip Tourism by Leveraging Technology

Robust Hotel Software

Kenya is famed for its awesome safaris and wonderful beaches. The country attracts visitors from UK and Netherlands in Europe, and from far off Asian countries like UAE and India as well.

According to the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), tourism is the most important industry after agriculture and generates 14 percent of the country’s GDP. It also employs around 12 percent of the population. More visitors are expected to come in for an eye popping view of the Big Five, the Elephant, Rhino, Lion, Buffalo, and the Leopard as they roam freely in their natural habitat.

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Hotel Management Software for Budget to Large Hotels

Hotel Property Management System

Whether you operate a budget hotel offering limited services or a large hotel offering high-end luxury services, hotel management software can help you serve your guests better. In hospitality business irrespective of size and facilities, guest service draws maximum importance. In order to make sure that your guests have your utmost attention, you need to free up yourself from doing many routine tasks related to your hotel’s operation. The best way is to just mechanize maximum number of processes using hotel management software.

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Open a 24/7 Room Booking Channel with a Hotel Booking System

Hotel rooms are perishable, so what better way to grow room occupancy than with a 24/7 hotel booking system. This is an excellent room booking option for hotels in African countries like Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Egypt, Ghana and others who attract a large number of international tourists.

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E-menu App Easy Dine for Restaurants in Africa

Restaurant e menu app

Hospitality technology by way of mobile and tablet based e-menu apps are rapidly making their way into the restaurant industry in Africa. This is why it is time for a growing number of F&B outlets in countries across Africa to adopt smart restaurant menu software serve their guests efficiently.

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Ensure Smarter, Faster & Stronger Front Office Operations

Front office management software

Front Office, often referred as Front Desk is one of the most important area of operation in a hotel. Described as the face of the hotel, front office plays a major role as the first and last point of contact with guests. The Front Desk thus has the potential to create a positive impression about a hotel’s level of services, standard and offerings. This is where, your hotel staff first welcome your guests and initiates the check-in process. As a lengthy check-in process does not go down well with your guests, you should consider adopting a smart mobile check-in app to ensure speedy check-in facility.

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Smart Hospitality Technology for Hotels across Tanzania

Smart Hospitality Technology

In the last couple of years, Tanzania has been doing relatively well in terms of tourism and hospitality. This East African nation with abundant amount of natural beauty is set to become a prominent tourism hub on the African continent. Tanzania is home to several natural wonders including Mount Kilimanjaro, Mafia Island, Selous game reserve and Gombe stream national park and others. All these destinations have their own charm and have been attracting admirers from around the globe.

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