Mobile Analytic App

Meet Your Business Objectives On the Go with Pulze 247, Smart Mobile Analytics App

As one of the leading end to end hospitality technology providers, we always make sure that hoteliers across the globe leverage the best of the technology platform to have efficient command and control over their business. Our Pulze 247 is one of such smart mobile analytics app that helps hotel Owners and General Managers to have real-time information on their properties’ business even while on the go.

Downloadable on smartphones or tablets and integrated into our Hotel ERP, Pulze 247 proficiently assists property Owners and General Managers in keeping an eye on every aspect of their hotel operations. With all the vital and business critical statistics available on their phones real-time, Owners and General Managers can now take smart and insightful decisions with maximum ease.


  • Room Summary

    Know the real-time status of your hotel’s room inventory. It shows statistics like number of rooms that are out of order, out of service, total rooms and availability of number of rooms to sell etc.

  • Activity

    Get a clear picture on your hotel reservation including useful information on number of walk-ins, day use rooms, expected departures, actual departures, stay overs, actual arrivals, early departures and extended stays etc.

  • Complimentary & House Use

    Know the total number of complimentary and house use rooms for the day.

  • EOD Projection

    Know how your hotel is going to fare by the end of business day by providing valuable data on total revenue, average revenue, maximum occupancy, minimum occupancy and no shows etc.

  • Revenue Comparison

    Shows revenue performance for the day/month/year. You can even compare the flow of your revenue from heads including room sales and food & beverages sales.

  • Corporates

    Know the name of your top 10 corporate clients who are giving you maximum business.

  • No Business

    Know the names of your corporate clients who have not given business for last 6 months.

  • Contracts Expiring

    Know about the corporate contracts that are soon to be expired. Thus, you can take a call to renew the same.

First 100 customers who register with us will a get an exclusive opportunity to sneak peek into Pulze 247, the smartest mobile analytics app for Owners and General Managers.