FX Dine

Restaurant app

FX Dine e-menu app enables your restaurant staff to focus on customer service rather than running around on the floor. Your steward can take orders from diners and send the KOT to the kitchen directly without moving away from the guests table. FX Dine helps users do away with errors that occur when taking orders manually. It has been designed to ensure your hotel staff pays more attention to the needs of your diners. This app helps you enhance overall efficiency to better manage services.

Features in Steward Mode

  • Wireless Order Taking: Steward can take orders and send them directly to the kitchen without moving away from the guest. This process is error free and saves time.
  • Offline Sync: Steward can take orders from the guest even while the mobile or tablet device is outside the Wi-Fi zone. For example if a guest is at the pool side which is out of internet coverage area, the steward can still take the order and confirm it when he is back in the Wi-Fi zone.
  • Open Table / Floating Guests: Steward can tag guests as tables. For example, if a guest is at the pool side or on the dance floor, the steward can tag him or her as a table, take and track orders.
  • Multi-level Menu: Management can categorize menu items under different menu levels. For example food items can be featured under categories like Indian, Continental or Oriental and even sub-categorize them into North Indian, South Indian etc. Restaurants also have the liberty to create sub-groups like starter, meals and desserts etc.
  • Filters: This feature allows restaurants to segregate food items in categories like vegetarian food, non-vegetarian food, kids’ special, chef’s recommendation and more.
  • Modifiers: Your steward can either open pre-defined modifiers or new modifiers to make sure that the guests’ requirements are taken care of. For example, the steward can set modifier messages like ‘spicy’, ‘less spicy’ and ‘no cheese’ etc. This enhances your guests’ dining experience.
  • Open Items: Your staff can take orders for items that are not on the menu, but can be prepared out of existing stock. This way, you don’t have to say ‘NO’ to your diner who is looking for a particular item.
  • Repeat Order: This feature helps the steward to repeat the previously ordered items and allows the steward to modify the quantity of the food using the ‘Modifiers’ option. Thus it saves time for your staffs.
  • Happy Hours: Now promote your restaurant’s happy hour offerings with FX Dine. This feature helps your steward and guest to know discounts offered on food and beverages under happy hours and increase sales.
  • Multi-Currency: FX Dine’s multi-currency functionality enables you to set your currency preferences as defined in the property management system.

Features in Guest Mode

  • Enables diners to view food items by recipe, image, video, recipe description, ingredients and more
  • Guests can customize their food by selecting predefined modifiers. For example, this feature helps your diner to let you know if he or she wishes to include or avoid certain ingredients
  • If guest wishes to include ingredients not listed in ‘predefined modifiers’ they can request the steward to open modifiers and open items (so that rate and tax can be tagged)
  • Guest can send special notes or instructions to the chef while placing their order. For example, if a guest wants his curry less spicy, he or she can instruct the chef about the same
  • Enables guests to see their final order summary including items ordered number of plates and price etc.
  • Diners can see rate difference for items listed under Happy Hour category
  • Provision to take feedback from guests for the service offered by your stewards. This helps you to know your guests better while enabling you to serve them efficiently next time they visit your restaurant