FortuneNEXT 6.5 R&B Central

Restaurant Management Software

Restaurant Management SoftwareFortune NEXT 6.5 R&B Central offers centralized management capabilities to restaurants and fine dine outlets operating under a chain or group. This software has all the features to effectively address some most common operational bottlenecks faced by restaurants in a chain.

With Fortune NEXT 6.5 R&B Central, all data get transferred from outlets to head office and from head office to outlet automatically for analytical information. Food & Beverage Costing and Financial Accounting are maintained at the head office level.

Our smart e-menu app Easy Dine can also be integrated into FortuneNEXT 6.5 R&B Central.

FortuneNEXT 6.5 R&B Central offers centralized solution for

FortuneNEXT 6.5 R&B Central & Home Delivery

  • It is the ideal centralized solution for chain restaurants

Centralized Financial Reporting System

  • Pull-methodology for data transfer through proprietary data transfer engine
  • Automate data entry into respective ledgers
  • Collate financial information from multiple sources

Centralized Procurement System*

  • All material information is centrally managed
  • Purchase orders, vendor details, material receipts are generated from central database


  • Point of Sale
  • Food & Beverage Costing
  • Materials Management
  • Financial Accounting


  • Central Server – located at Head Office
  • Centralized management of outlet
  • Easy maintenance through a single application
  • User friendly interface with in-built intelligence

Business Benefits

  • Streamline Operations and enhance operational capabilities across all the outlets
  • Do away with extensive manual data entry process that is prone to error and time consuming
  • Efficiently manage inventory across outlets
  • Gain clear visibility into sales and revenue